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Eagles News · 2016-2017 Three-Sport Athletes

“The richest school sports experience is found in multi-sport participation, both starring and subbing, both losing and winning. That’s what best prepares young people for life.”
–Jack Roberts, MHSAA Executive Director

Recently we celebrated the 2016-2017 Grand Rapids Christian three-sport athletes. This year, we have 17 Freshman, 15 Sophomore, 6 Junior, and 6 Senior three-sport athletes. It takes a great deal of talent and commitment to be a three-sport athlete, especially when specialization in one sport is so popular. It’s hard to do school and be an athlete, and we’re very proud of the students who choose to do this all year.

One of the benefits we see with athletics, and even moreso with three-sport athletes, is an improvement in academics. We looked at the cumulative GPA of the students at Grand Rapids Christian, and found the following:
•    students who do not participate in Eagles athletics have an average GPA of 3.48
•    all athletes have an average GPA of 3.52
•    three-sport athletes have an average of 3.64!

At our celebration lunch, senior athletes were asked what benefits they experienced being a three-sport athlete.  They talked about how it required them to be more efficient and structured in the use of their time.  They actually did better academically.  They shared how they made more friends being on multiple teams and with a broader cross-section of students.  Finally, it helped them to stay in shape so prep for the next season wasn’t as challenging.  The seniors encouraged the rest of the students to continue as three-sport athletes for the rest of high school.

A special recognition and congratulations go to:
•    Junior Sarah VanDyke – a FOUR-sport athlete
•    Junior Maria Poortenga – a FOUR-sport athelte
•    Freshman Evan May – a FIVE-sport athlete!!

Check out the photos from the event!

Thank you to our athletes for representing Grand Rapids Christian so well on the course, on the court, on the slopes, on the mat, in the lanes, on the track, on the field, in the pool, and on the diamond!

This year’s three-, four-, and five-sport athletes are:

Anna Aupperlee:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
TaNyla Billips:  Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Nicholas Christians:  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Alexander DeBoer:  Soccer, Dive, Baseball
Matea Diekema:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
Will Gelderloos:  Football, Swim, Baseball
Davion Gillen:  Football, Basketball, Track & Field
Jack Long:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
Grace Maurer:  Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse
Evan May:  Football, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Track & Field
Lucas Oezer:  Football, Swim, Track & Field
Anneke Pruis:  Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer
Henry Schenkel:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
Josephine VanderLei:  Golf, Basketball, Tennis
Reed VanderLugt:  Soccer, Ski, Track & Field
Margaret VanderWoude:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
Cole Weeber:  Football, Swim, Lacrosse

George Bolt:  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Christopher Boyd:  Football, Hockey, Lacrosse
Master Brewer:  Soccer, Wrestling, Track & Field
Derrick Davis:  Football, Basketball, Track & Field
Luke Elzinga:  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Jorden Howe:  Football, Wrestling, Track & Field
Graham Kormash:  Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse
Sadie Kornoelje:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
Lauren Merritt:  Cross Country, Competitive Cheer, Lacrosse
Cole Muller:  Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
Megan Overvoorde:  Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
Seth Ritsema:  Football, Wrestling, Baseball
Cade Stransky:  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Leah VanOrman:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field
Jack Zwiers:  Tennis, Hockey, Golf

Kennedy Grieve:  Golf, Basketball, Soccer
Benjamin Jonker:  Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field
Maria Poortenga:  Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field
Sarah VanDyke:  Cross Country, Basketball, Track & Field, Soccer
Nicholas Woltjer:  Football, Dive, Track & Field,
Elizabeth Zandee:  Golf, Basketball, Soccer

Alex Bergsma:  Soccer, Dive, Golf
Camilla Bjelland:  Cross Country, Ski, Track & Field
Ashten Busscher:  Dive, Competitive Cheer, Track & Field
McKenzie Moorhead:  Golf, Bowling, Tennis
Brenna Otte:  Basketball, Track & Field, Lacrosse
Emmett Warners:  Football, Basketball, Baseball