Multiple Teams · Academic All-State Athletes Honored

This past weekend the girls and boys Varsity basketball teams were victorious over the Lowell Red Arrows. Between the two games, we took time to congratulate 16 Varsity teams and 231 individual student athletes on receiving Academic All-State honors for 2015(See photos here). A packed Quest Center cheered on our students athletes as they were all recognized on the basketball court.

The following teams and individuals were announced this past weekend for the Academic All-State achievement:

Competitive Cheer – Last year the Competitive Cheer team earned a 3.51 team GPA. Individually, a girl needed to earn a 3.8 GPA to receive individual honors. Girls receiving individual honors were Kaylie Chiles, Emily DeKoster, Jacqueline Kessel, Julia Kessel, and Miriam VanHarn.

Hockey –  Last year’s team continued to raise the team GPA, from a 3.25 to a 3.31 team GPA, again earning them academic all state honors. Individual honors go to Jacob Bylsma.

Boys and Girls Skiing – The boys had a 3.4 GPA and the girls a 3.75.  The following students also earned individual honors: Sean Cawley, Sarah Faasse, Austen Krause, Astrid LeRoy, Jim Muir, Isabelle Selles, Andrew Schumacher, Ally VanHekken, and Hannah VanZanten.

Boys Swim – Earned Academic as a team with a 3.44 GPA. John Soukar earned individual honors.

Bowling – Individual Academic All-State honors were rewarded to Derek Hein, Rob Oostindie, and Morgan Urschalitz.

Baseball – Earned a team GPA of 3.45. Individual honors were given to Will Berglund, Zac Correll , Miles Kuperus, Dan Lubben , Justin Paauwe, Schuyler Pruis , Dan VandenBerge, and Jonathan Winkle.

Boys Golf – Last year’s team had an average GPA of 3.49 earning them team academic all state honors. One student earned individual honors as well: Mitchell Knoor.

Girls Lacrosse – Their team GPA was 3.69. Twelve athletes earned individual honors as a 3.6 or higher… Lydia Abma, Kristin Danielson, Grace Einfeld, Sarah Faasse, Annah Haveman, Isabelle Huisman, Samantha Koeman, Alyssa Oezer, Olivia Peterson, Margo Rasmussen, Lauryn Slachter, and Emma Tilma.

Girls Soccer – With 19 girls on the team and earned a 3.83 team GPA. Individual honors were awarded to Annika Zandee.

Softball – The team needed a 3.4 GPA and they earned a team GPA of 3.65. Players who earned individual honors were Kristin Danielson, Morgan Urschalitz, Sami VanHoven, and Carley VanSwol.

Girls Tennis – Earned a team GPA of 3.64. Unfortunately, although we have some girls with very high individual GPAs, the girls tennis coaches association does not award individual all state to any athletes.

Boys and Girls Track and Field – Only awards individual academic all state. Camilla Bjelland, Abby Jonker, Sarah VanDyke, Justin Varineau , Katie VerHulst and Rachel Warners represent our boys and girls track and field programs.

Boys and Girls Cross Country – The Cross country coaches association only awards one team in the entire state. Our girls received 3rd place with a team GPA of 3.97.  The boys placed 4th with a 3.93 average. Individual honors go to Jenna Bishop, Camilla Bjelland, Meredith Borst, Abby Jonker, Tyler Poel, Megan Schenkel, , Sarah VanDyke, , Ryan VanOrman and Justin Varineau.

Girls Golf – The girls golf team had an average cumulative GPA of 3.78. Individual honors go to athletes who participated in at least two years of varsity golf and have a 3.7 or higher. Those honors go to Anna Haveman.

Boys Soccer – The boys soccer team needed at 3.4 team GPA, and earned a 3.55 GPA. Individual honors go to Mitchell DeNooyer, Dan VandenBerge, Zach VandenHeuvel, Levi VanderVelde, Thomas Welch, and Jonathan Winkle.

Girls Swimming – Girls swimming had an average accumulative GPA of 3.86. Individual honors go to Maiya Hoffman, Hope Raterink, Sally VanBeek, and Ally VanHekken.

Boys Tennis – The Boys tennis team had a 3.34 accumulative GPA. However, despite a handful of excellent individual GPAs, the tennis coaches association does not award individual academic all-state honors.

Volleyball – The State Semi-Finalist Volleyball team needed to average a 3.66 team GPA to earn All-State honors. Our girls had an average accumulative GPA of 3.79 to earn academic all state honors. Individual Academic All-State was earned by Maria Bolt, Sam McLean, Megan Noordewier, and Jessa VanderWeide.



Congratulations once again to our outstanding student athletes on achieving Academic All-State honors!