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Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Christ in Athletics

Last weekend the Grand Rapids Christian High Cross Country teams competed in the 2015 Cross Country State Finals.    Both the boys’ and the girls’ teams were coming off of state championships last year.  This is not a story of wins and losses.   Rather, it is a story of faith nurtured in the lives of young people.

From the first day of summer training last August up to the morning of the state championship, Coach Jager stressed the importance of humility and thankfulness, and that our talents and success is not our own but from God.

Prior to the start of this year’s state meet on Saturday, a runner designated as an alternate prayed with and for a runner they were assigned to cheer on and encourage during the race.   What a blessing to see these young athletes live out their Christian faith together as members of the Cross Country team.   What a blessing to know that God is clearly recognized as the source of all strength.  And what a source of comfort to Christian parents to see first-hand how their children’s faith has been nurtured in all of life and learning at home, at school, and on the athletic field.

This article is from the Sharing Our Stories newsletter of Grand Rapids Christian Schools.  Read more of our stories here.