Multiple Teams · Sports Psychology

This past spring the Athletic Department concluded a yearlong study into adding a sports psychology training component to Grand Rapids Christian Athletics. After several interviews and sample seminars with several candidates, we selected Dr. Eddie O’Connor. Dr. Eddie directs both the Performance Excellence Center and the Pain Clinic for Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center.

Grand Rapids Christian Athletics thanks our wonderful Eagles Athletic Boosters for their support of this important project!

We believe that the best way to start this program is through our outstanding coaching staff. Just like our athletes train their bodies in the weight room, our coaches have to train themselves to continue to be the best they can be. This year, our coaches will attend 6 seminars run by Dr. Eddie O’Connor. They have already attended Building Your Team Culture and Performing Under Pressure and look forward to Developing Leadership in your Sport, A Coaches Guide to Imagery, Communicate to Motivate and Overcoming Fear of Failure. The sessions have already led to changes in team practices and have provided excellent discussion on best practices for the coaches.

Ask any high school athlete about how important the mental part of the game is and they will tell you that it is very important. Because it’s true our practices need to reflect that. Ask our coaches how they are implementing this new information in their practices!