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The GRCHS boys and girls ski teams have had a great year so far. Recently Coach Styf sent a note about just how well they are performing as we near the end of the year. What a great update on the team. Please see his note below! To see a photo album, click here.

“Tuesday was our best night of racing all year!  Other weeks may have had bigger individual results, but Tuesday we worked as a team.  As a team, we started 50 separate runs (including forerunners), and finished all 50. That’s some excellent skiing!  
As for scoring, our Eagle Women finished 9th in Slalom (SL) and 8th in Giant Slalom (GS), to finish 9th overall (we miss you Ally!)  Our Eagle Men finished 2nd in Slalom, and 2nd in Giant Slalom, for 2nd place overall on the night.  And, we had some strong individual performances, too…
  • Andrew Schumacher was 1st in SL, 2nd in GS.  Thanks for setting us up for a great night!
  • Sarah Faasse finished 7th in SL, 9th in GS.  Back to double Top 10!
  • Nate Westenbroek finished 6th in GS, 10th in SL.  Another great race, Nate!
  • Sam Bulthuis finished 9th in GS.  Nice comeback in run 2!
  • Luc Selles finished 11th in SL.  Just outside that Top 10….nice Luc!
When you look at the standings, check out a couple of things on the men’s side….
  • Our Eagle Men moved into 2nd Place in the conference last night!  We were 3rd since the first week.
  • Our GS points trend looks like this…57, 51, 41, 40, 34.5….a continuous 50% improvement from Week 1!
  • Tuesday’s SL was our best of the year at 37 points….22 points ahead of the next best team.
  • Our total points were best of the year at 71.5….24.5 points better than week 1!
Last night was a great example of successful team skiing….nice work!”