Multiple Teams · Academic All-State 2014

On Decemeber 20th, Grand Rapids Christian High School took time to honor excellence in the classroom for it’s student athletes. Overall, there were 194 student athletes who earned the distinction of Academic All-State by either contributing to a team GPA or having an individual GPA that earned them the honor.

Each varsity coach is asked to nominate their team for Academic All-State at the end of their season. Academic All-State is run by each sport’s Coaches Association. Each Coaches Association determines the standards for what it means to be “Team Academic All-State” and what it means to be “Individual Academic All-State” in their sport.

The ceremony on the 20th included athletes from Winter Sports 2013-14, Spring Sports 2014, and this Fall’s Sports 2014. To see the names of those honored scroll down. To see a photo gallery of the event, click here. 

12 varsity teams earned Academic All-State (GPA):
WINTER*: Hockey (3.25), Competitive Cheer (3.50)

SPRING: Boys Golf (3.55), Girls Lacrosse (3.83), Girls Soccer (3.78), Softball (3.54), Girls Tennis (3.64)

FALL*: Girls Golf (3.8), Boys Soccer (3.50), Girls Swimming (3.8), Boys Tennis (3.53), Volleyball (3.79)

*Ski & Cross Country Coaches Associations do not award Team Academic All-State. Football has not yet decided on Academic All-State selections as of December 20, 2014.

59 Individual Academic All-State Honorees**:

Ade Ayoola – Bowling Emma Tilma – Lacrosse Lauryn Slachter – Lacrosse
Aaron Matheson – Swimming Gabby Bosworth – Soccer Lindsay Fox – XC
Abby Heys – Comp Cheer Gabe Van Dyke – Golf Lydia Abma – Lacrosse
Abby VanHarn – Comp Cheer Grace Bolt – Golf Madeline Baas – Lacrosse
Alyssa Oezer – Swim Lacrosse Grace Einfeld – Lacrosse Margaret Hosack – Lacrosse
Amanda Kessel – Comp Cheer Hannah VanZanten – Skiing Margo Rasmussen – Lacrosse
Anna Haveman – Lacrosse Hayley Reitsma – Softball Michelle Koetje – XC
Anna Prince – Golf Isabelle Huisman – Lacrosse Miles Kuperus – Soccer
Ben Brouwer – Hockey Isabelle Selles – Swim, Skiing Miriam VanHarn – Comp Cheer
Ben VanScoyk – Hockey, Golf Jacob Witte – Soccer Nathanial Finneran – Skiing
Brooklyn Satterlee – Lacrosse Jacqueline Kessel – Comp Cheer Nick Pindred – Hockey
Camilla Bjelland – XC Jaimie VanDeBurg – Lacrosse Rachel Harkema – Bowling
Curran DeVries – Hockey Jenna Decker – Soccer Rachel Warners – XC
Daniel Lubben – Skiing Jenna Swets – Swimming Rob Oostindie – Soccer
Eliot Borst – Soccer Jessica Brasser – Softball Samantha Koeman – Lacrosse
Elise Decker – Soccer Jim VanDyke – XC Sarah DeGraaf – Skiing
Emily DeKoster – Comp Cheer Julia Toren – Soccer Sarah Faasse – Skiing, Lacrosse
Emily Stygstra – Bowling Justin Varineau – XC Schuyler Pruis – Soccer
Emma DeWitt – Softball Kate Sinke – Comp Cheer Zikun Xu – Lacrosse
Emma DeYoung – Lacrosse Kaylie Chiles – CC


**Tennis and Track Coaches Associations do not award Individual Academic All-State