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JV Volleyball Schedule & Roster

OVERALL RECORD: 32 - 10 - 5     |     CONF RECORD: 5 - 0 - 0
Bold = Home Event
Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent Conf. Away Home Result Details
08.20.20168:00amHudsonville High School (East Kentwood JV Invite)N00T SUMMARY
08.20.20168:00amHudsonville High SchoolN02W SUMMARY
08.20.20169:00amPortage Central High SchoolN20L SUMMARY
08.20.20162:00pmGrandvilleN10W SUMMARY
08.21.20161:00pmWest Ottawa High SchoolN12L SUMMARY
08.22.20165:00pmUnity Christian High School (Quad) (Quad @ Unity Christian)N20W SUMMARY
08.22.20165:00pmHudsonville High SchoolN12L SUMMARY
08.22.20167:00pmForest Hills Central High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
08.31.20166:00pmEast Grand Rapids High School (Quad) (Quad @ East Grand Rapids)N11T SUMMARY
08.31.20166:00pmZeeland West High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
08.31.20168:00pmCaledonia High SchoolN02L SUMMARY
09.06.20165:00pmRockford High School (Quad) (Quad @ Rockford)N02L SUMMARY
09.06.20166:00pmSouth Christian High SchoolN21W SUMMARY
09.06.20167:00pmGrandville High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.08.20166:00pmWayland High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.10.20168:00amCalvin Christian High SchoolN20W
09.10.20168:00amCalvin Christian High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.10.20168:30amHudsonville High School (JV Invite) (Hudsonville JV Invite)N22T SUMMARY
09.10.20169:00amZeeland East High SchoolN21W SUMMARY
09.10.20169:00amZeeland East High SchoolN
09.10.201612:00pmPortage Central High SchoolN12L SUMMARY
09.10.20163:00pmWest Ottawa High SchoolN02L SUMMARY
09.10.20163:00pmWest Ottawa High SchoolN
09.16.201611:00amHopkins High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.17.20168:30amCovenant Christian High School (JV Invite) (Covenant Christian JV Invite)N11T SUMMARY
09.17.20161:00pmThornapple-Kellogg High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.17.20162:00pmHolland High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.17.20163:00pmWayland High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.21.20165:00pmThornapple-Kellogg High School (Tri) (Tri @ Thornapple-Kellogg)C20W SUMMARY
09.21.20166:00pmEast Grand Rapids High SchoolN12L SUMMARY
09.24.20169:00amEast Grand Rapids High School (Pioneer JV Invite) (Pioneer JV Invite)N10W SUMMARY
09.24.20169:00amHudsonville High SchoolN02L SUMMARY
09.24.201611:00amEast Kentwood High SchoolN21W SUMMARY
09.24.20161:00pmGrand Rapids Catholic Central High SchoolN21W SUMMARY
09.24.20162:00pmNorthview High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
09.27.20166:00pmForest Hills Eastern High SchoolN02W SUMMARY
09.29.20166:00pmSouth Christian High SchoolC02W SUMMARY
10.05.20165:00pmWyoming High School (Double Dual) (Double Dual)C20W SUMMARY
10.05.20166:00pmForest Hills Eastern High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
10.11.20166:00pmThornapple-Kellogg High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
10.13.20166:00pmEast Grand Rapids High SchoolC02W SUMMARY
10.15.20168:30amGrand Haven High School (JV Lakeshore Invite) (Grand Haven JV Lakeshore Invite)N00T SUMMARY
10.15.20169:30amEast Kentwood High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
10.15.201610:30amMontague High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
10.15.201612:00pmJenison High SchoolN20W SUMMARY
10.15.20161:00pmGrandville High SchoolN12L SUMMARY
10.19.20166:00pmWayland High School (Double Dual) (Double Dual)C20W SUMMARY
10.19.20167:00pmSouth Christian High SchoolN21W SUMMARY
10.25.20166:00pmWyoming High SchoolN02W SUMMARY

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